New advice leaflet for dog owners

The Trust has produced a new leaflet Advice for Dog Walkers which explains why it's important to keep dogs on leads from March 1st to July 31st, and at any time when sheep are present. 

If you visit one of our larger sites in the next few months you are likely to see sheep grazing. Grassland is the best way to manage and protect archaeological sites as it doesn't require the damaging plough, and regular grazing prevents scrub and vegetation growth from obscuring or damaging archaeological features. Sheep grazing on Trust land is therefore a vital aspect of the our work. 
Although most dog owners who visit our site are responsible, last year at least one sheep at Caistor Roman Town was attacked by an uncontrolled dog. At Burgh Castle the decision was made two years ago to remove sheep because of this problem. This has cost the Trust both in lost HLS funding, and through extra costs for maintaining the site. Ground nesting birds, such as skylarks are also put at risk by dogs off lead in areas where we manage the grass for hay. 
If you walk your dog at one of our sites, please feel free to download the leaflet and help us to continue protecting wildlife, livestock and our archaeological sites.